However you found your way to this site you are most welcome.

The purpose of this site is to warn you of the very real danger you may be in and to try and give you enough facts to realise this danger and take the first essential steps to protect yourself and all those you love. You may decide not to believe this warning and that is of course your choice but please have at least an open mind and carefully consider the facts presented in order to make an informed decision. Make the wrong choices now and regret it for ever.

Try and imagine the worst person you can, perhaps someone you know or have heard or read about. How easy is it for you to like this person?  Could you ever consider yourself actually loving this person? Is it possible you would give your life to save such a terrible, horrible person?

This website is all about telling you of someone who did give his life for such a terrible person- you! It is not my intention to offend you because in the scheme of things you are probably regarded as a nice and decent sort of person. The problem is we judge all our family, friends, work colleagues, and society in general by our own standards.

You have probably already guessed that the 'someone' we are talking about is Jesus.  Not only did Jesus give his life for you but he also gave it for all of us. God judges us by his standards and values and in his eye’s we are all sinners and, to be very frank, we are quite offensive to him and so much worse than the most terrible person you was asked to imagine earlier.

Why is this?  God is righteous and cannot abide nor tolerate sin in any form. Sin has to be punished and the price of sin is physical death and an eternity in hell.    That said, be assured God is amazingly loving, merciful and forgiving and does not take any delight in seeing all these people, people such as you and I destined for hell. So he gave us a way out – Jesus!

Jesus was sinless and paid for our sins by suffering horrendous torture and eventual death on the cross to save us. He his our saviour and in his name we can stand before God free from our sins.  However, salvation is only given to those that acknowledge their sin, repent of it, seek forgiveness and believe in Christ Jesus. Jesus  is only Saviour to those that seek him and believe and trust in him.  Please explore the site and get the facts, study them and consider them very carefully.

This website is not a substitute for a good Church which will support and help you grow your faith and answer any questions you may have. There are several in Forest Town, particularly St Albans. If you have any questions, or would like to meet to discuss things further or arrange a visit to Church then just email me. 

God Bless You.